How to use yfinance to download and store stock price data

In this short tutorial we will be using two Python packages

  • yfinance — to help us download stock price data from Yahoo Finance for free
  • sqlite3 — to help us store our data in a temporary SQLite database on our C drive

It’s important to store your downloaded data in a database so that you don’t abuse the yfinance Yahoo API with queries when you already have the data. Abusing the original Yahoo! finance API by internet-citizens probably was a major factor contributing to its decommissioning …

If you…

What is Geek+, and why are they so powerful?

Geek+ is Chinese tech company that specialized in AI powered smart logistics. They supply advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions for warehouse and factory operations. Founded in Beijing in 2015 by Tsinghua University graduate, Yong Zheng, it current has more than 500 employees.

The company expanded rapidly after several rounds of capital raising, and is currently staffed by energetic, highly educated and young staff. The latest round of capital raising saw an injection of $200mil in June 2020.

The key products are largely related to warehouse automation. They…

Is there any evidence to suggest foul play in John McAfee’s death?

John McAfee died of “apparent” suicide in a Spanish prison aged 75. According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo McAfee died within hours of the extradition ruling. McAfee’s lawyer said that the McAfee Associates founder “apparently” hanged himself. This has not been proven.

John McAfee was wanted by US authorities over tax evasion charges. The US government calculates that McAfee owed more than $4.2 million in taxes. He has been in jail in Spain since Oct. …

A story of the man behind the mask: John McAfee

McAfee died at age 75 in a Spanish prison in an apparent suicide after the Spanish court ruled that he could be extradited back to the United Sates on tax charges. How did a genius computer programmer that created anti-virus software, and worked for NASA end up rotting away in a Spanish prison?

His life is stranger than fiction.

McAfee made his name in 1987 by creating the gold standard in anti-virus protection — McAfee Associates. Prior to that he worked as a computer programmer for NASA.

Key points on the relationship between Scott Morrison, Australian PM, and Tim Stewart, crazied QAnon member.

Here are a few quotes from the latest article on Scott Morrison and his links to QAnon.

The longstanding family friendship between Stewart, his wife, Lynelle, and the Morrisons was not news. What was groundbreaking was the rift in Stewart’s own family over his obsessive immersion in the theory of a global satanic paedophile organisation that has infiltrated the highest levels of government, the media and the entertainment industry. […] In Australia, Stewart claimed influence on Morrison.

The ABC program documented firsthand how Stewart’s…

Protect yourself against necessary volatility.

There is quite a lot of volatility in Bitcoin, with daily volatility often exceeding annualized volatility in other more established asset classes.

BitMEX provides a 30 day historical volatility index. In the recent month, you’re looking at annualized volatility well in 40–50% level.

If you look at implied volatility from the options market, for example on Deribit, this is even higher. Implied volatility in out-of-the money strikes can exceed 100%.

The bottom line is, Bitcoin is a volatile asset class — pretty much like a roller coaster ride.

Say you want stay out for a…

Which of the east coast Australian universities should I go to?

Australia is well known for its superior university education. Over the years, tertiary education has evolved to become one of Australia’s largest exports, along with iron ore, coal and natural gas.

So what is so superior about the Australian tertiary degree, one may ask.

And what a question it is to ask!

Australian universities have crept up the rankings largely thanks to international students from Asia. These students pay 30k to 50k a year to do a basic accounting or business degree, where nothing but the bleeding obvious is…

Archieluxury — the watch Pontiff from Brisbane recommends these three brands most.

Over the years, watch enthusiasts on YouTube would have, at some point, stumbled upon Archieluxury, aka Paul Pluta. Something draws viewers to Archieluxury. His brash style, his brazen remarks, his disgusting lack of hygiene. Archieluxury is one of a kind. In this report, he describe the phenomenon know was Archieluxury and then go on to list the top 3 watch brands most approved by the watch Pontiff.

The man, the myth and the watches…

So here is a short recap on Archieluxury.

  • Crazy Australian guy with an Ukrainian heritage, living in a green leafy part…

An inquiry to war crimes conducted by the Australian Defence Forces in Afghanistan.

The official name of the Brereton Report is the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry Report. It is an inquiry to the alleged war crimes conducted by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. The Brereton Report was led by Paul Brereton, NSW supreme court judge and major general in the Australian Army Reserve. The report was commissioned in 2016 and the final report was delivered on 6th of November 2020. A heavily redacted public version was released on the 19th of November 2020.

The final report…


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